25 thoughts on “Didier Drogba Breaks His Arm Japan Ivory Coast 2010”

  1. and there goes ivory coast’s world cup chances, wouldnt be suprised at all if an ivory coast native goes and assasinates that fucker from japan

  2. some ppl here try to defend tulio, look at the replay carefully. fuckin mean and barbarous jap definately had enough time and distance to avoide accident in the air just before the crash….

  3. in my opinion, tulio didn’t hurt drogba on purpose, he just reaches for the ball and hits drogba unlucky. and all those people who are insulting tulio fot this accident, have you all never been in a situation where something happened what you didn’t want to happen? Think about that before writing stupid or even racistic comments.

  4. @MaIcoImZieI i´m german, but spend about 6 months a year in japan
    for my job and have to say the japanese are one of the most friendly, helpful,
    honest and reliable people i have met. of course you can find idiots in every country including japan.

  5. Looked like a freak ‘american football’ hit. Tulio was just trying to get the ball in the air and collided with Drogba’s right elbow. Totally harmless IMO. Get over it!

  6. Tulio Tanaka was Japanese-Brazilian before and now he’s Brazilian-Japanese. He’s a half as far as I know.

  7. @aaafffaaad

    You are incorrect. TANAKA Marcus Tulio was born in Brazil.
    And he is Japanese now. He is not related to USA and the blue-collar.

  8. comentador brasileiro filho da puta o teu brasil nao vence nem a pior selecção do Mundial. tinha que ser brasileiro para dizer uma coisa destas na televisão
    eu vou adorar ver a Argentina Humilhar o Brasil no mundial

  9. Tanaka is an immigrant from US… True, his football style is like American blue-collar idiots.

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