25 thoughts on “Didier Drogba :: Black Magic”

  1. sa me fai tro bizarre kan je revoi les image des pes sur play 2 sa rapelle de tro bon souvenir

  2. @Hunty1905ChelseaFC lollollol at least we won the premier league for like. 11 times? chelsea only started winning trophies after that russian prick bought chelsea

  3. @Hunty1905ChelseaFC
    don’t waste your words on a dumbass like that , we know we are the best ­čśë (chelsea)

  4. @saeed4life Thats why Drogba played less games and still won the golden boot? yea cause that proves alot… also i liked Rooneys performance in the world cup, Drogba scored against Brazil, who did Rooney score againt?

  5. need to stop playing on amatuer might aswell left it on the fuckin shelf its so easy

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