25 thoughts on “Didier Drogba // Arsenal’s Nemesis – SkySports”

  1. @bilz2k10 Still set up a goal even in a defeat against you lot, you can never handle him.

  2. @UnknownGenius01 You got 26 thumbs up off 26 other strange individuals — Well done mate! Listen, I hope you sexy-as Mum doesnt meet Drogba before he serially rapes her arsehole til she cums x10! You won’t band the word ‘rape’ about with such immaturity then will you? Ha ha ha

  3. Dam this guy! I hate him, but love watching him against others 🙂

    The best Centre Forward in the World as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Why didn’t they include the two girls he scored against them in the community shield in like 2006? ;D

  5. The legend himself, its not only Arsenal he scores against no team has kept him out including Barca, United and Liverpool (when they were a major force)

  6. @UnknownGenius01 Lol, I remember that. I think they used commentary off one of Henry’s goals as well.

  7. These are all REAL commentary pieces of Drogba, not other players. Unlike the other Sky Sports promote for Cristina Gaynaldo as the Terminator. They took commentary of other players’ goals. One of it Drogba’s goal against Everton.

    Proves that Cristina Gaynaldo is just pure fake hype. Drogba on the other hand is a big game player.

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