Didier Drogba Angry After Chelsea Lose In The Champions League

www.surftherecession.co.uk Chelsea boss Guus Hiddink will defend Didier Drogba if he is punished by Uefa for his angry outburst at referee Tom Henning Ovrebo adhering to their Champions League exit to Barcelona. The Blues crashed out to Barcelona in dramatic circumstances soon after Andres Iniesta’s injury-time aim sent them out on the away ambitions rule. The match was overshadowed soon after a amount of Chelsea gamers angrily confronted Henning Ovrebo for turning down four penalty appeals by the Blues. The Norwegian official rejected two in the initial 50 percent when Florent Malouda and Drogba had been hauled down and then he then missed two clear handball offences in the second half. First Gerard Pique dealt with as Nicolas Anelka attempted to defeat him and in the dying seconds, following Andres Iniesta’s 93rd moment equaliser, Michael Ballack’s shot hit the elevated arm of Samuel Eto’o. Ballack protested so angrily that he was booked by Henning Ovrebo while Drogba, who had been substituted in the 2nd 50 %, appeared from the tunnel to confront Ovrebo after the sport. Uefa are expected to investigate Drogba’s behaviour and the Ivorian could uncover himself dealing with a lengthy ban, but Hiddink insists he will stand by the striker. “Of program I can completely realize his reaction – total of adrenaline and emotion,” said Hiddink. “Individuals say he need to be in manage. The instant a player starts hitting then he is going outside of wherever he need to go. “I can realize his emotion and his behaviour after the game. I will
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25 thoughts on “Didier Drogba Angry After Chelsea Lose In The Champions League”

  1. Hey Chelski! Suck shit in regards to the penalty shoot-out with Everton in the FA Cup lol! Piss off you fucking bastards!

  2. @jesusespindola True Spanish league is a bunch of posers who touch their hair every 2 seconds making sure they still look like pretty boys,Fucking poofs real football is in England whats the La Liga? Barcelona and Real Madrid

  3. @MySal99 Yeah like a yank knows football typical fucking yank supporting some-one like Barcelona support your own fucking countries league I see you also like Arsenal guess that explains it all lol,Qatar was given the world cup because they are muslim and Russia was given it because they paid off FIFA officials that’s how it works that’s why it’s called secret voting it’s all rigged shit

  4. This is a fucking disgrace good on Drogba for standing up for his team and English football we all know that UEFA corrupt bastards didn’t want 2 English teams in the final again that’s all it is,I fucking hate Barcelona Chelsea is the only football team I truely love…

  5. @jesusespindola said well IN YOUR HEARTS kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Visca el Barça!

  6. oh man i love it when these fuckers squirm! i don’t care how unfair it was. when you think your gonna win trophies because you have money stuck up your arse then your in for a shock. as a liverpool fan, right now i hate chelski more than united. no dignity, no pride, no belief. just pure wankers.

  7. @Hitty1967 Go fuck your self you racist piece of fucking asshole. You are mad cus you are prolly some janitor in a kindergarden school cleaning little kids puke. So you decided to be angry at black people cus you are not successful. Drogba is the reason Chelsea rocks. And his energy has contributed to the Premier League and the UEFA.

  8. @davrkpenyong go Fck urself u british bitch nd that’s y u lost 4-1 to germany and u tied to USA ur a fckn disgrace!!!!

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  10. @pcangeldust there were three or four penalties made by barcelona players and the stupid ref didn´t do anything. the worst of all happens before the barcelona goal: chelsea have a corner kick, there ballack shot towards the goal, and one barcelona player stop it with his hand, it would be a goal for sure, but the ref didn´t say anything

  11. @MySal99 faggot stfu. First of all get your facts right. We were going for 2018 not 2022 and russia got it. And i dont know what your talking bout because the use got beat by qatar. So u lot r the retards and can suck on Ed Millibands dick.

  12. I live in USA and i think the EPL is the best league in the world MLS piece of shit im mexican and EPL my favourite league…i like england quatar got selected cause of corruption…england should of hosted 202!!!!!right english people?!!??

  13. I’m a United fan and Chelsea should definitely have won this game. It was shit officiating.

  14. @MySal99 mate stay out of our fucking region and focus on the mls shitty soccer. u arrogant yank prick . and stop comparing club football with wc, u sad twat

  15. First of all that’s y Barcelona wins the champions league fucken retard British bitches cud suck my dick that’s y u didn’t get the worldcup and Qatar got it a way better country than u are

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