25 thoughts on “didier drogba 33 goals 06/07 season wonder”

  1. @Donlino85
    I just say sorry cuz that was my opinion and i didnt wana anyone talk shit about my soccer player and thats why i said sorry………………

  2. @xxlamps8isgood my point is dat tha vid is otherwise perfect, which makes tha blue thing that much more frustrating lool

  3. whats ur point… nd yea i wont do those flashy blue things again coz they r well annoyin idk wat i was thinkiin at the time 🙂

  4. dis would easily be the best drogba video on youtube cos there arent too many replays of da same goal or stupid inane clips of his face close up. but u had to ruin it with the fuckin blue flashy ball thing. ders a reason dey dont do that shit on mathchof the day cuz

  5. drogba 06-07 as well as 09-10, you cant compete with that, its absolutely amazing to watch him score 25-35 goals in a season, and like 80% of them are incredible solo prestations

  6. I agree with u drogba is the best striker ever in the world and also the best chelsea legend ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry that’s my opinion

  7. @hute321

    Aguero is world class and will get better than David Villa. I think first we should give a chance to the young strikers that we have, Sturridge, Borini, Di Santo. Drogba and Anelka can play for at least 2-3 more years and that should be enough to nurture our young strikers. Maybe we should buy 1 proven striker in the summer and I think that man should be Aguero.

  8. Good video, way to keep it short and to the point too… A lot of these videos show like 2-3 of the same goal even when they aren’t that great.

  9. Drogba Is the best chelsea legend ever but i’m hoping for a new striker in the trasfer season cos Drogba is getting old and i can’t see more than five season in him anymore so i’m hoping for striker in the likes of David Villa, Fernando torres or Pato but no Aguero pls cos his a over-rated, over-price little mean faggot that can’t score goal

  10. i thinks you’re right!! and my opp the best of the best must be ronaldo de lima and do you agree with me? or all of you will agree???

  11. Anyone able to find out what this song is? My phone recognition thing can’t find it… 🙁

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