Didier Drogba-2009 2010

Didier Drogba 2009 2010 season. i feel this is my finest video clip so far-inform me what you feel? Didier Drogba 2009 2010 Chelsea eleven
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  1. @tyros2lauraz. Yea what a gay lord. He is such a tank and so cleaver with the ball. U don’t have to be a Chelsea fan but any fan of the sport obviously can respect his talent and what he has done for his country. But to call him a gay lord sounds like drogba is living the life u wish u had

  2. i easily put drogba in the top 10 alltime strikers but he need 1 championsleauge to be in the top 5

  3. @ShamelessSmith lmfao i just watched one of ur videos where u said van pussy is the best striker in the world

  4. To all of u (as a chealsea fan) chealsea are great and they are smart enough to work as a team if it was a 1 man game there would be 2 men on a pitch :L and drogbas home team cote d ivouir (can’t spell) to be honest ain’t that good and he scored over half of their international goals and a good football player can work as a team and do the whole pitch which drogba can … So shut up and on top of that he is 33 and Rooney who is 24 scores and does less than him (RONNEY OVERATTED)

  5. @ShamelessSmith u might be right but look at it this way top players nowadays have top teammates around them…..football is becoming more and more of a team game than one man carrying the team, im not a chelsea fan (madrid) but turning up when needed is a mark of a good striker….theory of good teammates supporting him is the same wit lampard, rooney ronaldo messi anyone…maybe apart from fabreagas cos if he had good teammates hell b able to win wit arsenal instead of tryin to run elsewhere

  6. real madrid fan here…i never used to like him , still wont want him on my team, but he is an amazing striker..powerfull, brilliant technique and scores goals

  7. @ShamelessSmith and he is a premier league fooballer, and you arent??

    explain that one?

  8. In my opinion Didier Drogba ISNT a great player. Ok he turns up when he’s needed but he does have some seriously class players around him. In my opinion he is made
    to look better than he actually is by his teammates, just like Frank Lampard. My video on YouTube actually proves it and nobody can deny that. I have a greater knowledge than all of you put together.

  9. @CRYPTONIGHT196 Drogba doesnt copy ronaldo, he uses some of his moves and perfects it , like now who scores more freekick drogba or ronaldo

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