25 thoughts on “Didier Drogba 2008 – 2009”

  1. ben ouais mais en france il aurait pas réussi … les français critiquent trop et svt a tord … trezegol, pires, benzema, meme zizou etait critiqué tu te rend compte … c’est domage

  2. dommage qu’il joue pas pour la France, ce qui manque aux bleus c’est des mecs généreux comme lui

  3. dude, ibrahimovic may talk shit but he undoubtly can play football, i wouldnt say he is better than drogba but he plays in a different league, both serie a and spanish. which are much harder to score in.

  4. To be Fair I’d like to say that Drogba Is Undoubtedly The Best Striker In The World right now….Rooney and Eto’o also come in my count….so it is wrong to say Ronaldo, Henry, Messy, Ibrahimovic, Raul, , they all hipe and shit….fuckin hate those shit…..

    Big Respect To Didier Drogba and All the Chelsea Player…I doesn’t matter how you win the game…but just keep winning C’mon Chelsea…

    Represent all
    Chelsea Fans Indonesia, Bali

  5. i don’t know wheter fat ronaldo is a legend but he played pretty well…while c ronaldo sucks because he is arrogant…what he plays is footsal not footbal where you have to PASS from time to time at least

  6. Hope he stays till next season and lifts the cup with the big ears (CL) next year. Hes the BOM!

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