25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo vs Didier Drogba”

  1. Drogba’s better but theyre both clearly gettin a lil too old. Drogba hasnt been doin too much this year for chelsea sadly. theyre just havin an off year

  2. Drogba is only good at scoring goals. C. Ronaldo scores more goals than him and does a million other things too

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  7. haha its gonna be great to see the faces of the chelsea blue faithful jaws drop when they see their only star leave to go to real Madrid and the deal is very close to being finished up..but real Madrid has endless money and will get him there to play with the best of the best ..not a bunch of african cup of nations team that represents the blues today ..where the englishmen?? lampard and terry look like 2 needles standing out in a haystack.lol

  8. When I see Gaynaldo, all I see is… stepover, stepover, stepover, (fanboys get excited and cream their pants by now), more stepovers…. then a side pass or a back pass. Doesn’t get past anyone with those “skills”.

    But idiots think that’s great.

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