Chelsea Top 10 Goals of the Season 09-10 by AREQ

Chelsea Leading ten Ambitions of the Time 09-ten by AREQ Best 10: 1.Didier Drogba vs. AC Milan 2.Didier Drogba vs. Bolton three.Ashley Cole vs. Sunderland four.Michael Essien vs. Blackburn 5.Didier Drogba vs. Hull Metropolis six.Florent Malouda vs. Wolves 7.Frank Lampard vs. Watford eight.Joe Cole vs. Man Utd. 9.Frank Lampard vs. Stoke 10.Didier Drogba vs. Arsenal Songs: 1.Trivium – Down From The Sky two.Machine Head – Seasons Wither 3.Disturbed – Decadence four.DevilDriver – Bitter Capsule five.Bullet For My Valentine – Your Betrayal six.Foo Fighters – The Pretender seven.Sonic Syndicate – Psychic Suicide eight.Marilyn Manson – This Is The New Shit nine.In Flames – Dead Stop 10.Program Of A Down – ATWA Coronation: ES Posthumus – Nara Titles: Criss Angel – Deadlove Calling Numbers: Coma – Ekhart Obtain Links:

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  2. i dont care what anyone says, ashley cole is amazing and he also happens to be pimp…….:)

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  4. Didier Drogba, Terry, Lampard, Malouda the whole team made me become a chelsea fan

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