Chelsea FC Player of the Year 2010

Chelsea Television discuss to the winner of Chelsea’s Player of the 12 months, Didier Drogba and Players’ player of the 12 months, Florent Malouda right after receiving their awards.
Video Rating: four / five

25 thoughts on “Chelsea FC Player of the Year 2010”

  1. @xbroganx3 for me Florent is the hottest man on earth. my lil’chocolate cookie!

  2. @heartbreaker790 No not really, i got loads of men in my “little” world….. I don’t think they’re the hottest people on earth i just think they’re sweet, anyway why the fuck am i explaining myself to you. My comment was a long time ago!!!!!

  3. Didier, your team can win the premiere league trophy, nothing is impossible. You all need to work harder. All the very best for this season.

  4. They seem to be very lovely guys and it’s really fun to see how well organized and fantastic team spirit Chelsea have. I wish I could spend the days with them :). Oh, and this is coming from a Man Utd fan, all fans aren’t ignorant morons. 😉

  5. 7 reason chelshit sucks
    C untss
    H omos
    E gostical bastards
    L ameasses
    S hitbags
    E pic loosers
    A fricann gaylords

  6. i dunno if i shud put this, but malouda’s trophy luks well better than didider

  7. @MrSandzaklija1 Gin awa’ doon the toon n git mi a bottle o thon ginger, n dinnae hing aboot neither!

    DROGBA the best Player in the World!!!

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