Chelsea eyeing Valencia striker

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In addition to Sanchez, “Daily Mail” explained the Chelsea is also eyeing Valencia Mata, apparently distinct blue, the classic wing assault can not be discarded, the introduction of a sidewalk in the summer season signings of crucial gamers.

“Daily Mail” also explained the Chelsea midfielder is also searching at the two can improve the quality of the players, Naples Ham Hick is Soccer Jersey 1 of Naples and AC Milan in the Serie A match, Chelsea’s scouts in web site, the paper said, the Blues and Ham Hick’s agent has made top secret contacts.

Yet another target is to midfielder Kaka, “the Every day Mail,” mentioned the Real Madrid in the summer time, revealing indicators of cash with the card, the pursuit of Chelsea is a single of the Brazilians, Kaka, Manchester City are also interested. The essential is that Chelsea operator Roman Abramovich, Kaka is personalized favored player, the Russians Premier League Jersey will in no way give up on these players, from 12 months to this winter Torres Sheva, let go if the club is ready to sell in the summer season, Chelsea will be bidders came in the forefront.

Indicators from the present see, generous in the winter, following the introduction of defender and ahead, in the summer time will target on the transformation of Chelsea midfielder, Frank Lampard, Malouda, who have been older, trade transfusion, is essential.

In addition, the potential customers for the Russian midfielder Zhirkov stays elusive, in the victory around Manchester United, he played a penalty soon after the producer, and one more one shot most perilous, but because of to select me, quickly Zhirkov could Chelsea Jerseys contemplate leaving the staff just before that, at the identical time, Chelsea squad is an additional transfer operation of the Russian men and women.

“Daily Star” stated the Chelsea Explorer to establish the outgoing Zhirkov Arnesen want to do with “The Warlords”, the operation of the Russian men and women to move to Hamburg. The paper explained Arnesen essentially finalized in the summer season to join Hamburg, Germany and Japan Zhirkov interested in the team, properly aware of this Arnesen, secretly encouraged the Russian individuals leaving the group.

In addition to Hamburg, the former proprietor, Russia’s Zenit and CSKA Moscow are all interested in Zhirkov, but the Chelsea position of view, when the play arrives Zhirkov year (less than 28 many years old), belonging to play versatile numerous Chelsea Jersey spots, or the Chelsea midfield player engineering movement far more scarce, the Blues need to be entirely retain the current three consecutive video games, the Russians are arranged Ancelotti off the bench, apparently also meant to appease his staff to stay.

For Chelsea, whether it can beat Manchester United, Premier League champions are not as well many relationships with them. But if you can defeat the Red Devils, the harvest is excellent self-confidence, and probably will aid them triumph in the other arena, so that the bad period ushered in a large turning stage.

Nonetheless, the latest Chelsea squad, there are also a large weakness, and that is Bianlu place. They left with Malouda, Zhirkov, Nicolas Anelka and Didier Drogba also like to cruise to the left wing attack, but on the proper what? Ancelotti could only send “no edge is not in” in Ramirez, it is hard to play the impact of each wings to fly. If Chelsea can get to have a robust capability to Bianlu shock player, then the staff will be far more terrorist assault. British media said Chelsea had spotted the Spanish international Mata, but the Valencia winger’s agreement with the no under. The current “total market”, tribalfootball web site noted that Chelsea, with 26 million euros for the introduction of winger Sanchez, Udinese, Inter Milan, Manchester United and other teams also are involved about the youthful winger, in simple fact, blue Jiujiang Wright – Phillips Adams eager to escape from Manchester Metropolis, with his functions and capabilities, not automatically in today’s Chelsea a place, if the bite back to consume grass, Shaun Wright-Phillips may possibly be a relatively cheap but practical selection.

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