Chelsea 3:2 Liverpool Starring Didier Drogba

What a great night for good attacking football with shots raining in on the Liverpool target a from each and every angle. The red negativity lastly banished into obscurity by a tremendous Chelsea staff that fought for every single all on every square foot of the pitch. The Liverpool jinx ultimately lifted European football fans will not have to suffer observing a staff who’s game strategy consists of getting out played for 120 minutes and then sneak it on penalties. Youthful youngsters capable to go to the game with out fear of obtaining their tickets stolen by bunch delinquent scouse gits. With post match evaluation by Gian Luca vialli , an ex Chelsea player makes a transform from AL “capone” Hanson and the relaxation of the BBC’S liverpool mafia.

25 thoughts on “Chelsea 3:2 Liverpool Starring Didier Drogba”

  1. @ChelseaFcTheChmps Well holy shit mate. I don’t even remember why I wrote that comment a year ago.

    Chelsea is no where to be found in the Premiership, they are 4th for Christ sake.

  2. why do people talk about history so much. history is something that happened before and it happens all the time. and liverpool talks how chelsea has no history well look at this they came to champions league this year u went to uefa cup thats history. liverpool went to the shit league chelsea went to the pro league. u havent won a league title in ages chelsea won it 5 years ago so whos better at the moment it’s chelsea. fuk history enjoy the presnet becoz thats what it’s all about.

  3. @fuckmanchesterutd haha enjoy your eurodisney league. you wont even make the top 16 in it. liverpool are a failed club. there so called glory run is over for another decade.

  4. and u call US gloryhunters ??? I never talk shit like that .. its obvious that u only care about winning HAHA fucking fag .. the only shit u scousers r talking about is WINNING and HISTORY … FUCK YOU !! CFC FOREVER

  5. out of everything and its November!!!!! you lot are FUCKING CLOWNS!!! GOOD LUCK IN THE EURODISNEY LEAGUE!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA

  6. what did chelsea win???fucking nothingwhat did liverpool win??fucking everything

  7. Question of where to start, money laundering is where it’s at so it’s good to bear it in mind. Then perhaps connections from, Mafia, (as in organized crime), Institutions, banks, federations and the like, and good old charitable freemasonry. These links are pretty well documented. The fact that most of the sports wear manufactures have masonic symbols emblazoned is also worth noting. The theme tune for the champions league, is called Zadok the Priest, check it out Solomon and his temple geddit ?

  8. Chelsea fc by farr the best team the world has seen ,, i love the bit when drogba scores and celebrates infront of rafa the cock ,, critising drogba he showed him whos shit and thats rafa wheyyy you mugs did we or did we not beat you in the quater finals this year,, yeah that what i thought so shut it you scouse wannks

  9. Straight down the Kings Road me old china, you can’t missus, just because that bunch of money laundering freemasons robbed us of a place in the Champions Lodge final don’t think that we are going to just fucking sit back and take it.
    Chelsea fans will sue those UEFA scum bags ..

    remember where you saw it first Champions Lodge !

  10. THE BLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Miłość to wojownik który zawsze zwycięży tak jak Chelsea!!:)

  11. Brushed aside heh ??? perhaps you better get a vacuum cleaner for next season.
    You’ll be after needing a good few pints of Guinness to be crying in, sure it was a cracking game and LFC were lucky not to lose 6:1 what a thrashing and now all we have to do is make sure that Rafal Beneathus is just that in the league and your gonna win FA

  12. we lost on penalties, everyone knows chelsea sucks on penalties

    and you beat us when we had scolari as manager so don’t think to highly of it

  13. I reckon your bias mate, just cos Liverpool is the capital of Ireland but I wouldn’t be after brandishing of the old Shillelagh till you actually have actually got to the semi finals. Funny old game football and the team that is apparently on top form odds on favourite is not guaranteed to go through. It’s often good to be the underdog and I reckon (rafal) Beneathus will be not feel too comfortable and will be trying to play it down in the coming weeks.

  14. The tide has turned since this night, Liverpool will easily brush these Cockneys aside in the champs league just like we did in the premiership. How did you do in the final? Oh yeah you lost!!!

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