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25 thoughts on “Best Online Team ft. Lionel Messi & Didier Drogba (FIFA 10) Sports”

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  2. liverpool their not the best atm but im good with them know all the players well
    dont use shit teams eg man utd barca

  3. i use real madrid, they seem to be consistant and can pass move and shoot well 🙂

  4. I like using Inter mainly because they have a good player for everything. Julio Cesar is a fantastic goalie, Sneijder is great with free kicks Eto’o is one of the fastest players out ther and Milito has great passing. I mainly never play as Barcelona or English clubs mainly because if I don’t know the players strengths or weaknesses I don’t play as well, and I don’t follow British or Spanish football.

  5. I love to play as juve. one being that i support them, and the other being that they have diego in midfield to pull the strings, and GOD upfront of course.
    I never play as barca, real, man utd, chelsea etc..

  6. Hahahaha we kill you guys!”

    Lets do it, add me then we play, we fuck you any time.

    Gamtag: Robin 86 Sweden

  7. I use Werder Bremen from Germany. Very strong defence and a lot of skill going forward.

  8. @wSTONEw How am i a disgrace to football? If you were playing in a real game and you got the ball in the same spot would you decide to score or pass it backwards?

  9. @FootballisInAmerica well i wanted to be fair and start my push from the defense. you are a disgrace to football

  10. Juventeus FC baby, you have basically half of the best footballers in Italy right there.

  11. @wSTONEw Here’s a tip… Why would you throw the pass down towards the defender on your team in the first place if theres oppostition right there? Now before you start saying “well i wanted to be fair and start my push from the defense” why would you start your push from the defense if you have a scoring opprotunity?

  12. I have not played FIFA 10 in a while, but when I do I normally use Liverpool as they are the team I support.

    On the other hand…. I played a lot of the South Africa World Cup version of FIFA and when most people like using 5 start teams…I prefer to use a team like Russia where no one makes the whole team.

  13. @wSTONEw gotta learn to stop passing like that, its not anyone’s fault except your own. the person intercepts and is open to score, deal with it.

  14. Okay just a tip. All you faggots you steal the goalkick when the keeper passes it to the defender learn not to be fucking cheap. When you steal it keep possesion but play the ball back into your own defense then start your push. All of you who dont do this are a disgrace to FIFA 10 and football in general. Learn to win with skill not cheap goals

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