Akon, Drogba and Dioufy on Senegalese TV pt. 2

Akon, Didier Drogba and El-Hadj Diouf dancing and getting a great time on Senegal national Television alongside singer Thione Ballago Seck at a celebration at Le Meriden President five star hotel in Dakar (Senegal)
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22 thoughts on “Akon, Drogba and Dioufy on Senegalese TV pt. 2”

  1. why does thione secka make a track for gambian dictator who want to destabilise senegal and oppressed gambia so much is just what i cannot understand. come on thione

  2. funny african dance but nice view from the back fellaz..lol esp Didier…lol He looks a bit perplexed and thrown off tho:)

  3. Diouf c le lass..il menjaill trooo..il e tt en soupless
    didier a bien representer..africain on saime entre nou et c bon.
    ivoirien ki aime cekil regarde la

  4. ohh konvict akon tu dans bien mblax mon pote et drogba aussi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! j’aime bien.

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