25 thoughts on “☆ Didier Drogba – Can’t be Stopped ☆ HD”

  1. didier drogba is what we call a true football legend because if he’s injured he recover’s and gets on with it and he gives his all to every match not many players do that. drogba is the best striker around he’s good at scoring,taking free kicks and even defending when we need him. drogba you in every chelsea fans heart frever and the day you retire we’ll all cry

  2. is shit abramovich want to sell him, i’ve read he will go after winter, i love chelsea but i love more didier so i don’t know the future with the team

  3. @sPikeLee07 you cant say he sucks because he hasnt been that good this season. hell be back soon, trust me.

  4. awsome^^ with what program did you maked it? and where can i download messi goals? beceause i don’t cant find them 🙁

  5. @GuyWithBluePoop racist loser… I’m not black and i still feel losers like you needa grow up

  6. Good song but drogba sucks. His best season was last year and its all downhill from there. Matter of fact chelsea’s spine is looking a little crooked aka terry, lampard, cech, drogba, anelka. Might have to spend more shady russian money and drop another 300 million before they can challenge for the CL spot again.

  7. @JubbaJabbaJingleJam he still has about 2 years left :L in my opinion, still plays top football but i think torres might fill his shoes if he comes in

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